What for many years seemed to be a never ending project, just became reality.


So now I feel like saying thank you.

Thanks to Heide Ellestad, Anastasia Fedotova and my husband, Magnus, for running around naked, jumping into ice cold water and accepting milkshakes as payment. Thanks to Becky Augsburger for bringing flow to my writing and to Britta K. Bergersen, curator at gallery Cyan, for embracing my work.

Thanks my two strict mentors Nicholas McLean and Alessandro Calabrese, for having the balls to ruin my project – thats at least what it felt like – and then help me put it back together in a perfect way I couldn’t see myself.

Special thanks to baby Frøya for her silent support in bringing my project through five years to completion.

So what more is there to say? Following the unusual route was frustrating and time consuming especially while juggling a baby, and traveling to new places every day, not always knowing when and where Ill have internet again. (I know, poor me;) Next time Ill probably do it a bit differently, But what a heck – I learned from it and now I have the first copies in my hand! Cheers!!

Want an copy for yourself?

Stay tuned for the Kickstarter campaign 🙂