This is my story of saying goodbye.  

My story about exploring death, as a representative of an end, but also an eternal reminder to look deep within our selves, and to find the meaning of our presence.

If there is one thing I have learned after my mom’s passing is that death can teach us to live better. It can help us find a balance between what’s expected of us, our passion, and what we yearn to do.

The last six years I have explored and digested the concept of death. This year Im ready to show my work and put it together in a photo book. More updates will come:)

Thank you so much Uncertain States of Scandinavia for presenting my work alongside so many strong and beautiful projects.

Uncertain States of Scandinavia found my art. Can you find Uncertain States of Scandinavia?

Uncertain States of Scandinavia is filled with beautiful art, and you can have a copy for free yourself.
UCSS Issue nr 3 is in distribution now, all over Norway, Sweden and Denmark.