I just received the exciting news that a photo from my book Remembrance have been chosen by the editors at the Lens Culture Emerging Talent Award 2017, as one of the best entrants!

The photo is now featured in the competition gallery, visible to everyone who visits the website. The competition gallery is a highly curated group of images selected by the editors to showcase only the best photos from entrants, so this is kinda cool.

What I love about this photo, is the process behind it and the realisation that came with it.
I used to be an addict for recognition, and I saw competitions as a place of getting just that. I used to showcase what I believed juries looked for, not staying true to myself and expressing my heart.

Its all in the process

I remember getting head aches from sitting up all night trying to figure out clever ways of presenting my work. Now Im not any more driven by the result, and I stop working the second its no longer fun. Now I stay true to my self. Have faith in my work. And love the process. Which turns out to be so much more fun and awarding than any price will ever be.

Looking at this image I feel so grateful for my photography muse Heide Ellestad. She is just the funniest model and friend ever. Always supporting my crazy ideas, be it either dancing in the snow, jumping into ice cold water, climbing trees naked or like in this image, running through fireworks!

So this one is for you Heide, I love you to the moon and back.

Check out my submission at LensCulture, and if you like it, favourite it;)
LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards 2017:  Rebecca Ravneberg 

LensCulture is listed in the Guardian as one of the eight best photography websites in the world. Each year they host an annual Emerging Talent Award.