This winter I have dived into the exciting world of photo book publishing.

And what a rollercoasters it has been and still is, cos its not over yet (!) The first weekend all of my favourite photos were rejected and I was told to go home and find more photos or take new ones. Not exactly the response I was hoping for.

But since I know nothing about publishing a photo book, I have decided to give my tough mentors a chance and see where all this is heading, before telling them off;)

Turns out, three intense weekends later that they might be on to something.

Do you have a photo book of your own you want to publish?

They can be strict and firm, but not without reason. I can recommend Editions du Lic mentor program with publisher Nicholas McLean,  photographer and lecturer in Photography and Visual Design at NABA, Milan, Alessandro Calabrese, and guest mentor Hannah Watson, publisher and curator of Trolley books and TJ Boulting Gallery in a heart beat.