I remember Magnus asking me about the ambitions for my art.

I replied that I would love if Tronsmo Bookstore in Oslo would put my photobook in their shelfs alongside the idols from when I started out as an photographer.

Magnus felt the answer was a bit lame, so he asked again, this time a bit more enthusiastic.
What if you allowed yourself to dream bigger, give it 10 or 20 years – what would be possible?

After a few moments of hesitation I blurted out:

Arles! The Oscars of Photofestivals!
I would love if my pictures were screened in Arles.

This conversation happened 6 months ago.
Remembrance has been in the shelfs of Tronsmo a couple weeks now.
Get yourself a copy of Remembrance at Tronsmo bookstore

And yesterday we got the call from Arles.
Miracles. ‚̧

©Florent Gardin / Voies Off