2nd Prize Winner at the Juried Exhibition at Ramfjord Gallery in Oslo Norway 2016

©Rebecca Ravneberg, all rights reserved

Summer of 2018 20 artists were invited to showcase their work at Ramfjord Gallery in Oslo Norway. At the opening of the Juried Exhibition my photograph was awarded 2nd prize.

The jury consisted of Eileen Kaminsky (founder of ESKFF at Mana Contemporary in New Jersey, US), Helene Gulaker Hansen (director of Shoot Gallery in Oslo, Norway), Lars Elton (journalist and art critic), and Nico Widerberg (painter and sculptor).

The jury’s statement

Simplicity is often best. This photography’s main characteristic is the ability to capture the decisive moment – whether it is taken in the spur of the moment or it is carefully thought out and composed to create the best result. The picture we face could have been one big cliché, but the prizewinner has added to the picture exactly the qualities that make it stand out: The fascinating movement; the beautiful light that shapes the figure; composition that fools you into thinking it is centered. It is these qualities that make this particular photo one that you are drawn to time and time again.