Fotografi Portfolio Award 2017: Project featured in the magazine Fotografi and in their annual Portfolio Award Exhibition.

Uncertain States of Scandinavia: Project featured in Issue nr 3.

LensCulture: One of the photos from Remembrance was featured in the competition gallery for LensCulture Emerging Talent Award 2017. The competition gallery is a highly curated group of images selected by the editors to showcase only the best photos from entrants.

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This is an excerpt from the project.


Digesting the loss of someone close through creative expression

As a way to work through the grief that comes with a lost one, I decided to unleash my unfulfilled creative potential. In the process I created my first photobook, Remembrance. Now I hope to inspire others to do the same

When my mum died six years ago, it came natural to me to make the forest where I grew up my church, my cathedral. A place where I could reconnect, grief and find stillness. And through this stillness, Remembrance was born. A quiet and subtle photographic series where I have captured my cathedral, as a way to allow myself a genuine goodbye. A genuine goodbye to my mum, but also a genuine goodbye to whatever has kept me from truly living. Expectations, norms, even ambitions – the stillness of the forest proved them all unessential to a rich life.

Suffering and sadness in relation to death has everything to do with the story we tell ourselves. We do not suffer because we have pain – We suffer because something is wrong with our story. We suffer when we fight with reality. We suffer when we do not love what is.

During the creation of this series I have often asked myself; How would I relate to death if I came from another culture, if I belonged to another religion, or what if I was born in a different age? Would I still suffer by the loss of someone close? Or would I crazy as it sounds celebrate? What is the conditioning of our society, and what is true to me?

If there is one thing I have learned after my mom’s passing is that death can teach us to live better. It can help us find a balance between what’s expected of us, our passion, and what we yearn to do.

With Remembrance I follow my heart and hope to inspire others to do the same. We are all creative beings.


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